3D Printing

Laser Cutting & Engraving

3D Scanning

Drafting & 3D  Modeling


Started from an existing USA Trains dome car. The top was opened up and a custom longer dome was fabricated. A new longer upper level interior was created with the seats rearranged to more closely resemble the prototype. The lower floor interior was rearranged and new walls and stairwells were added. The existing windows were plugged and the new window arrangement was created complete with maintained access doors.

Skyview Car 1.jpg


Started from an existing Milwaukee USA Trains end of train car. The entire back 8” was sawed off and the new end was created with the rapid prototyping machine. Windows down the side were cut in or filled over to match the prototype. The interior was left stock.

Superdome.jpg Skyview Car 2.jpg Superdome 1.jpg


The Merritt model was created to reflect the upcoming changes to the property currently being used for the Merritt Music Festival.  The second model is a townhouse complex located in the city of Vancouver.

townhouse model 1.jpg townhouse model 3.jpg Merrit Model.jpg Skyview Car 2.jpg


These “O” scale luggage carts were created by the laser cutter using flat stock acrylic. These are Australian prototypes.  The benches were laser cut from basswood. These items are just over 1 inch long.

Handcart 2.jpg Cart.jpg Handcart 1.jpg Bench 2.jpg Bench 1.jpg Skyview Car 3.jpg


These lapel pin pieces were created using various metals: silver, brass copper etc. At one time they were sold exclusively thru museums.

Clamp.jpg shears.jpg


This is an “N” scale sign created using the laser cutter. It is meant to be a free standing sign on the top of a building.  It is approximately 1/4” tall.

Coach Lines 1.jpg Coach Lines 2.jpg

Slash Burner

The is a G scale version of the N scale model that can be seen to the side of the burner in some of the photos.

It was created from individual laser cut ABS panels curved around rings on the inside. The vented top was made from curved ribs of PETG with aluminum door screen for the vented areas. The  supply tube was made from PVC water pipe from the local building supply store.

At this point it is ready for priming and paint, it will be black and heavily rusted.

This was a project I did of a conpressed model of an ash conveyor belt. The chain drive, sprockets and pillow blocks came supplied by the costumer and I made the base, conveyor and shovels to move the ash. I built the whole model in Rhino and then extracted the profiles for the acrylic parts to be laser cut and the shovels to be built in the FDM printer. The model is used at trade shows as eye candy.

In The Shop

This is one of 5 different tug boat models I’ve done parts for to date. The mast is a FDM column with laser cut acrylic blades extending out from the column. The deck house is drawn in Rhino, the surfaces are then unroll in Rhino to generate patterns for the laser cutter to produce and then assembled into the deckhouse. The white ones you see here are in styrene, others I do in aviation plywood.

Fig 1
Fig 1
Fig 1