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3D Scanning

Drafting & 3D  Modeling

Kevin Knox

(Previously Diversions Hobbies & Crafts)

7326 145 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 2Y3

Ph: 604.503.0312

Cell: 604.230.1622

Since 1997 we have specialized in many fields: FDM (Rapid Prototype Modeling in 3D), Laser Cutting and Engraving, 3D Scanning and 3D Computer Modeling & Design.

We can “Design, Draw & Model” it for you, “Cut” it or “Engrave” it, “Build” it on the 3D printer, or “Scan” and create it in 3D on the computer. You think of it and we can help design and build it for you!  No job is too small.

We can produce prototypes, "one-of's" and functional test models in ABS plastic in hours. We also augment this service with traditional machining and fabrication services as well as RTV  rubber mold making and casting in resin, bondo, plaster and low melt metals. We can also take your 2D drawings and create the 3D model for the printer to produce. 

Hungry Horse Railroad

We have purchased Heritage Models from Doug MacArthur and will be retooling the product line and expanding it. Watch the link on this website as new products become available.

The Hungry Horse Railway ceased to exist back in 2014, due to a move. It is currently being replaced with a G Scale Live Steam outdoor railway. My description of hand laying code 40 Narrow Gauge N and N Scale still remains on the site for anyone who may be interested.