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Whether you want to build two-story commercial buildings lining Main Street in you small town; to creating a major multi-story department store, office building, or apartment townhouses in your downtown metropolis; or to build industrial buildings served by your railroad, Heritage Models’ brick buildings are for you.  Designed and sold as individual walls, storefronts, cornice and pilaster moldings, doors, windows and window sills, you can mix and match the pieces to create your very own distinctive buildings of character and charm.

No longer do you need to buy and entire building kit to obtain a building front to act as a backdrop along the fence at the back of your garden railroad. Purchase only the pieces that you desire to create that special building front or building for your railroad. Heritage Models’ items are reasonably priced and durable. The brick walls, pilasters and cornices are injection-molded acrylic plastics – the same plastics used to make automobile tail light covers, sunroofs and skylights for homes and commercial buildings.

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