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We offer laser cutting and engraving with a Pinnacle 25 watt laser. The work table size is 25" by 18" and we have rotary attachment which can work on projects up to 7" in diameter. The most common materials the machine can work with are Acrylic and most other plastics except PVC, Wood, MDF, and Rubber. It can engrave on additional materials such as Glass, Crystal, Stone, Tile and treated metals Brass, Steel and Aluminum.

Laser Cutting & Engraving


This desk top name plate was done in 1/4" clear acrylic with the company logo cut out and the person's name engraved on the surface.

This version was all engraved with a trans-lucent blue paint airbrushed on the back. In both versions the supports where cut out and glued to the plate.

These Celtic knots are engraved on 2" floor tiles for use as a back splash on a counter top in a kitchen.

These are a plain and engraved versions of a 1" to the foot serving tray in1/16" basswood. The unassembled pieces show the blackened edge left by the laser cutter which is removed with a light sanding or scrape of a blade knife. Model railroad door and window are also shown in the last picture.

These two business card holders have been done in 1/4" black acrylic. 

This recognition award is done in 1/4" black acrylic, the coaster and the business card are in 1/8" clear. Any shape is possible.

108_0822.jpg tina name plate.jpg 108_0823.jpg 108_0824.jpg 108_0816.jpg 108_0821.jpg 108_0819.jpg lions cardholder.jpg bob smith plaque.jpg coaster.jpg cansure cardholder.jpg 108_0830.jpg 108_0831.jpg shapes.jpg diversions b card.jpg 108_0832.jpg wood window and door.jpg