3D Printing

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3D Scanning

Drafting & 3D  Modeling

We have purchased a "next engine" HD 3 dimensional scanner, shown above.  With an accuracy of +/- .002".  As shown it is doing a scan of a Betty Boop Bobble head.  The third photo below shows the scan on screen and all elements of the screen merged together using the auto merge feature of the software.  The 3 dimensional model was scanned at 8 points around the figurine, then merged in the software, the total operation took 20 minutes.

3D Scanning scan1-2.jpg scan-3.jpg on-screen-1.jpg raw-scan-3.jpg raw-scan-2.jpg

This is the raw scan brought into Rhino 3D modeling software. To the left is the rendered output and the 2 views to the right below show the close ups of the rendered model and the mesh model.

I will do a follow-up on this when the master wax model is carved

Final 2 pictures show the modified model done in Rhino with the tire and base removed, a heart shape added.  This will be 3 dimensionally carved on my CNC Mill in wax and investment cast in metal producing a pendant.  The conversion to the finished model took about 5 hours in Rhino software.

complete-1.jpg complete-2.jpg Picture 2013-07-25 06_47_23.png

This is a scan of one component of a cable reel. After scanning all the components I surface the mesh to create the solids you see in the lower pics. These solids can now be used to re-create the parts in injection molding, CNC machining, 3D printing or vacuum forming in plastic. The whole project took about 30 hours.

Picture 2013-07-25 06_48_16.png Picture 2013-07-25 06_46_05.png