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Drafting & 3D  Modeling

Cummins Engine

These are renderings of a Cummins 3.9 litre diesel engine that will be used in the Goldenhawk Streamliner. The source file was supplied by Cummins as a DXF (lines only) and I created all of the surfaces and modified the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbo, motor mounts and harmonic dampener that were the necessary changes for the Streamliner.

Goldenhawk Streamliner

This is a 3 to 5 year project that I was involved with. We are doing 2D and 3D engineering drawings for the Streamliner which will be going to Bonnieville Salt Flats to attempt to set a land speed record in the under 5 litre diesel class. Included here are a rendered version of the steering wheel that Diversions built for the car. A rendered version of the entire car, which Diversions built the body for and pictures of a 1 foot scale model that Diversions built for sale as a memorabilia item to promote the car. For more information on the Goldenhawk project you can follow the build on the internet at

goldenhawk 4.JPG goldenhawk 3.JPG cummins 4L engine 2.jpg cummins 4L engine 1.jpg Computer Modeling goldenhawk 2.jpg goldenhawk 1.jpg kfc kit 1.jpg

Valve Cover

These are renderings of the 3 dimensional model of the valve covers for the Cummins 3.9 litre engine. Peake Diesel is investigating casting this ribbed version in aluminum for more a more showy engine, as a 6 cylinder version of this engine is common in most diesel Dodge pick up trucks.

valve cover 1.jpg

Jordan Spreader

This is a 3D model of a Jordan Spreader that I have created in G scale as I was thinking of doing an all brass working model of this MOW car. It would have a USA Trains motorized front truck and a Bettendorf rear freight truck.  All the blades could be moved and set manually in any prototypical configuration. As yet, no one has expressed major interest in this project so it is currently sitting in limbo.

Jordan spreader 1.jpg Jordan spreader 2.jpg

KFC Building

The prototype for this building sits on the corner of Douglas and Yates in Victoria, BC. The building will be modeled as built in the late 1800’s. This will be a “N” scale structure kit that Diversions will release. It will have a combination of resin cast and plaster stone work details. As you can see at this point this is a work in progress.

kfc kit 2.jpg

A computer animation of the workings of a Shaw Locomotive that I have been working on with information and plans from the Colorado Railroad Museum and Drawn in Rhino, animated with Bongo and rendered in Brazil

valve cover 2.jpg Picture 2013-07-25 07_46_04.png