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Heritage Models 2

Acrylic plastics are designed to withstand temperature extremes and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Heritage Models’ doors, windows and window sills are injection-molded in UV stabilize styrene plastics. We are constantly adding new items to the Heritage Models’ product line, in a variety of architectural styles. Our products are based on actual buildings and are drawn from architectural plans. All of our items are designed in 1:24 scale. Our walls and storefronts measure 6 ¼ inches in height by 9 inches in width by 3/6th inch thickness, while our pilasters, at 15 inches in length, are designed to span the height of a two-story building.

All of our products are easily assembled into buildings or building fronts, and full assembly instructions along with helpful tip are packed with every Heritage Models’ storefront or brick wall. The pieces are truly a pleasure with which to work. A minimum of tools are needed to assemble our products, in keeping with our philosophy to offer affordable, attractive, unique and fun products to the average garden railroader. Finally, for the more advanced garden railroader who like to kitbash, the Heritage Models’ acrylic plastic brick walls and accessories are easily machined using ordinary hand and power tools, and information about kitbashing techniques is included in the assembly instructions.

Wall 1 Front.JPG Wall 2 Front.JPG Wall 3 Front.JPG Wall 4 Front.JPG Wall 1 Back.JPG

#4100 Solid Brick Wall Front

#4101 Single Door & Windows Front

#4102 2 Windows Wall Front

#4103 Double Door Front

Wall 3 with Window & Door.JPG

#4100 Solid Brick Wall  Back

#4101 Single Door & Windows Front

#4102 2 Windows Wall Back

#4103 Double Door Front

Wall 2 Back.JPG Wall 4 with Door.JPG Corner 1.JPG Cornice 1.JPG Freight Door Front.JPG Door Front.JPG Corner 2.JPG Cornice 2.JPG

#4202 Building Corner

#4203 Cornice/Mid-wall Trim

#4202 & #4203 Profiles

Window Front.JPG

#4207 Double Door (Freight) Front

#4206 Door Front

#4205 Window & Sill Front

Heritage 1

Heritage 3

Heritage 4

Heritage 5

Heritage 6

Heritage New